The Messengers | Season 1 | 2015 – ongoing | streaming

In the New Mexico desert, scientist Vera Ivanov (Shantel VanSanten) watches in fascination as a mysterious object plummets to Earth and explodes, sending out a shock wave that briefly stops her heart. But Vera is not the only one affected: she is instantly connected to four other strangers, who also collapse only to miraculously come… Read more »

Other Space | Season 1 | 2015- Complete | streaming

Freaks And Geeks creator Paul Feig is behind “Other Space”, a galactic adventure set in the early 22nd century, when the human race has mapped most of the known universe, failed to find alien life, and frankly gotten a little tired of the whole thing. A spaceship on a routine collection mission stumbles into the… Read more »

Dark Skies | 2013 | BluRay | 720p

As the Barret family’s peaceful suburban life is rocked by an escalating series of disturbing events, they come to learn that a terrifying and deadly force is after them.

The Flash | Season 1 | episode 11-18 | ongoing | stream | sub indonesia

Flash muncul ketika seorang ilmuan dengan nama Barry Allen yang mengalami sebuah kecelakaan ketika sedang bekerja dalam sebuah penelitiannya, setelah terjadinya kecelakaan tersebut, secara tiba-tiba dia mempunyai kekuatan super-cepat yang menjadikannya menjadi manusia tercepat di dunia. Selain menjadi bintang utama, bintang serial Glee yakni Grant Gustin sebagai Flash, serial tv ini akan dibintangi oleh Jesse… Read more »