Love of the Sea Islander |2015 |CHINA |HDRip |Streaming

Beauty painter Cheng Cheng (a decorated war Jing) grew by an adoption, always with a grateful heart, naturally accepted grew up with. However, when nearly marriage, Cheng Cheng suddenly encounter bottlenecks creation of love and marriage are suspect, she began unsure whether they want to go all the way in life, boudoir secret Alisha (microblogging)… Read more »

Dream Flight |2014 |CHINA |BRRip |Streaming

Childhood hunger in the sky of Ka Ho (Rui furnishings), in order to pursue his dream and joined the Air Force Academy, undergo rigorous flight training. The same longing to fly Xinyi (Xu Weining ornaments), often weave their own fantasy world through “The Little Prince.” In a graduation party, the family was deeply Xin Yi… Read more »

Dragon Blade |2015 |HC-WEBRip |Streaming

Set in China during the Han dynasty (206-220 AD), Dragon Blade follows Huo An (Chan), an official framed and enslaved for a crime he didn’t commit. Soon thereafter, however, he meets Roman soldier in Cusack’s Lucius and the pair begin to form an unlikely alliance.

Money Game |2015 |CHINA |HDRip |Streaming

Han Lei was originally a wealthy people, his bohemian, big spenders, but was not want to deceive their most trusted friends, going to turn into Cock wire, nothing. Han Lei’s ex-girlfriend Jiangyi Dan still hung on him, inviting homeless Han Lei and her cohabitation.

S for Sex S for Secret |2014 |HK |BRRip |Streaming

Hung and Bobo struggle with their newly marriage and sex life, and things get complicated when a mystery girl steps in their marriage. On the other hand, Sze, a business woman, has a husband who suffers from sex addiction…   File Info Title/ IMDB: Genre: Drama |Romance Source: 720p BluRay x264 DTS-WiKi Language: Mandarin… Read more »

S for Sex, S for Secrets | 2015 | 720p.BRRip.x264 | streaming

A modern rom-com stars Chau Pak-ho and Annie Liu Xin-you as a couple struggling with their newly marriage and sex life. Things get complicated when a mystery girl (Kabby Hui) steps in their marriage… On the other hand, Jacquelin Chong plays a business woman in S For Sex, S For Secret whose husband suffer from… Read more »